Stonebake Pizza Oven: Make Italian Style Pizzas at Home

Get the delicious taste and irresistible smell of traditional Italian pizzeria in your own home with the Giles & Posner Stonebake Pizza Oven. Ditch the weekly takeaways and opt for a cheaper, healthier, tastier and altogether more fun way of enjoying quality pizzas.

The Stonebake pizza oven allows you to cook pre-prepared or homemade pizzas in minutes. Simply pop your pizza in, set the temperature (up to 400F) and the timer, and let it work its magic. The stone continually revolves resulting in a perfect and even finish. This marvel can cook a pizza within 5 minutes.

Conventional ovens often struggle to reach the quality of takeaway pizzas. They either come out soggy in parts, not cooked properly through the middle or are only cooked crispy on one side. The combination of the rotating stone and high temperature intensified from either above or below (or both) eliminates all of this.

The pizza base allows for a pizza of up to 12 inches to be cooked. The plate is non-stick making it easy to clean. A good tip to stop the dough sticking to the stone would be to sprinkle some flour (such as cornmeal flour) on the stone. A viewing panel on top allows you to check on the progress of the pizza or to just for fascination!

A recipe book full of great cooking ideas comes with the Stonebake pizza oven. A lot more besides pizzas can be cooked, such as heating up omelettes, quiches, pies and bread.