Star Chef Deluxe: 5 in 1 Cooker from JML

The amazing Star Chef Deluxe 5-in-1 cooker will allow you to cook an enormous selection of foods in a convenient and healthy way. It will practically make your domestic cooker redundant.

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Whether you want to cook rice, pasta, curry or bake cakes, the Star Chef is capable of doing it. This machine incorporates five different cookers in one, featuring a rice cooker, slow cooker, steamer, fryer and baking oven. Simply fill the Star Chef with all your ingredients, select the setting and away it goes.

This cooker offers a healthier option to conventional cooking, allowing you to steam foods to keep more of their vital benefits. It will also prevent overcooking and burning, meaning that you have a delicious meal every single time and will never have the urge to get a takeaway again. It is simple to clean after use, with non-stick elements incorporated.

The smart LCD display and control panel allows you to set the mode of the cooker. For example, load the machine with dough and select bread maker and the time you want it to cook for. You may find the control panel rather confusing at first glance but after use you will come to find it rather simple and easy to navigate.

The Star Chef features infrared ceramics technology meaning maximum heat distribution to give an even and optimum cooking result. You can even keep cooked food warm for up to 24 hours after cooking.

The capacity of the Star Chef Deluxe cooker is 2.8 litres, catering for an average sized family easily. It is finished in stainless steel, so it looks as smart as it performs. Included is a measuring cup, spatula, rice paddle, steaming basket and recipe book to experiment with your cooking. The unit measures 28 x 38 x 33.5 cm and is mains operated (820w).

The Star Chef is a cooking wonder and a must-have Kitchen gadget that you will use time and time again. Great for such a wide range of foods including rice pudding, porridge, cakes, curry, pasta and fish. The list really is endless.

The Star Chef Deluxe is a JML product so you can expect high quality and long lasting results. As this product is featured on TV regularly, it is very popular. It is available to buy at Amazon.