Savisto launched new high-quality kitchenware range

Tired of the endless chopping and peeling? Want to inject new life into your tired, uninspired kitchen? Introducing Savisto – a dedicated supplier of ground-breaking kitchen essentials, all designed to make everyday cooking tasks a pleasure, rather than a chore.

Specialising in high-quality kitchenware, and with a keen focus on the latest technology, Savisto helps breathe life into any tired kitchen, giving all amateur cooks or culinary experts a new lease of life in the process. Gadgets and kitchen appliances include everything from on-trend spiralizers and hand blenders, to glass kitchen scales, cocktail-making kits and electronic salt and pepper mills – all manufactured with the highest standards in mind.




Andrew Simpson, Managing Director of Savisto, says, “We’ve developed a range of high-performing kitchenware that’s sure to make your experience in the kitchen more convenient and more enjoyable. From simple tools like digital scales and coffee grinders, to the latest gadgets like spiralizers, our range has something to enhance every kitchen.”

“Our range is all about making cooking fun for everyone, rather than a chore that must be carried out. There’s so much joy in whipping up exciting new dishes to please your family and friends, and our fantastic range of appliances and gadgets will help anyone to branch out into adventurous new culinary terrain.”




The must-have gadget of the moment is the spiralizer, and Savisto’s take on the trendy appliance offers superb performance. The Tri-Blade Vegetable Spiralizer has interchangeable stainless steel blades for different shapes and thickness of cuts, making it incredibly versatile – from carrots and cucumbers to the famous ‘courgetti’ which is sweeping the healthy-eating blogs, there’s no limit to what you can spiralize with this hand-operated invention.

The Savisto 3-in-1 Hand Blender is also one of the site’s top sellers. Attachments include a stainless steel blender, a food processor and a whisk, meaning the appliance can be used for anything from healthy fruit shakes to whipping up cake batter. At just £27.95, less than half the recommended retail price, Savisto prove that performance and affordability can go hand-in-hand.




The current collection of Savisto kitchenware has been rigorously checked for quality, to ensure that all customers receive a truly premium product which will produce fantastic results in their kitchen for many years. Whether you’re cooking for a small family or for an enormous group of pals, Savisto’s impressive range will help you expand your culinary repertoire – as well as making you look like a whizz in the kitchen.

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The Best Kitchen Cleaning Gadgets

At times we’d all appreciate a little help around the house. From cooking and cleaning, to mopping, mowing and mastering the art of laundry, it can often seem like there’s no end to the amount of daily household duties that need to be taken care of. But it doesn’t have to be such a chore. Thanks to the new generation of kitchen and cleaning gadgets, homeowners can now dust, disinfect and discover how to unblock a sink at the touch of the button. So before you roll up your sleeves, take note of the gadgets that will really help speed up your clean up.

Automated Mops

There’s something to be said for futuristic cleaning technology, and that something is Robomop. Cleaning a 60-square-metre surface with 98% accuracy in just one hour, this cordless and rechargeable mop silently slides across floors picking up dust, lint, hair and small particles of dirt. Moving into the robotic, the Roomba remains one of the most popular self-navigating cleaner robots, while the recently released Scooba (cousin to the Roomba) separates dirty water from the clean to only apply a fresh cleaning solution to your floors.

Sink Snakes

While unblocking a sink might not be everyone’s idea of a fun afternoon activity, unfortunately it’s one of those chores that can’t be avoided, and definitely can’t be ignored. But don’t call a plumber just yet. Sink Snakes are a simple cleaning device that mean you don’t even need to understand how to unblock a sink to fix the problem. Simply wind the device down the drain as it grabs hold of any hair or blockages to instantly and easily clear the clogged drainpipe. Now the question isn’t so much how to unblock a sink, but how to avoid the problem in the first place – saving you from ever facing a stinking drain again.

UV Sanitisers

Sanitise everything from your toothbrush to your mobile phone with the new generation of UV sanitisers. Using the power of ultraviolet technology, these germ-killing devices can destroy up to 99.9% of bacteria with their rays, keeping your home as clean as it can be. Look out for the Germ Killing UV Cutting Board System, which contains four different chopping boards and an in-built UV holder to safely eradicate germs and bacteria from your kitchen.

Turbo Brush

Think the best way to bust kitchen and bathroom grime is with a toothbrush and a hefty dose of elbow grease? Think again. The JML Turbo Brush offers sonic powered precision cleaning with an oscillating cleaning motion that can be set to either pulse power or continuous full speed. Lightweight and portable, the brush heads are even safe to use in the dishwasher, making cleaning those difficult-to-reach spots a whole lot less bother.

Magic wand duster

Dust your home with the flick of a wand thanks to the Du.Static by Won Suk Lee. The winner of the 2011 Silver Sparks Award, the Du.Static promises to rid your room of dust particles, using static electricity to attract dust, which you can then deposit in the rubbish bin by turning the static charge off. The main unit doubles up as an air purifier and a clever LED will indicate the air-quality of your room.

Wilton Giant Cupcake Tin

Too big for just one, the Wilton Giant Cupcake tin produces the biggest edible cupcake you will ever see. Celebrate a special occasion such as a birthday by making a cupcake to be proud of and one that is big enough to share – not something you perhaps every imagined yourself doing (sharing a cupcake!).

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Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Forget those dangerous corkscrews that require some real time and effort to open those vintage bottles of wine. An electric wine opener cleanly extracts the cork in seconds from even the oldest bottles of wine.
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Stonebake Pizza Oven: Make Italian Style Pizzas at Home

Get the delicious taste and irresistible smell of traditional Italian pizzeria in your own home with the Giles & Posner Stonebake Pizza Oven. Ditch the weekly takeaways and opt for a cheaper, healthier, tastier and altogether more fun way of enjoying quality pizzas.

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Tefal Actifry Low Fat Electric Chip Fryer

The Tefal Actifry cooks traditional homemade chips with just one spoonful of oil, making it 100 times more healthy and safer than traditional deep fat fryers. This really is the way to cook chips that taste great whilst not having to worry about your health.

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Kenwood Chef Titanium KM010 Food Mixer

The Kenwood Chef Titanium KM010 is a superior and versatile food mixer with the ability to manage almost any type of food. It has received outstanding reviews with an average 5 out of 5 from 50 reviews on Amazon.

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Joseph Joseph Index Chopping Boards

Recipient of many international design awards, the Joseph Joseph Index Chopping Boards adds style and function to your kitchen whilst promoting health and safety.

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Philips HR1379 Cordless Robust Hand Blender

Don’t be alarmed by the apparently high cost of this hand blender, at around £190. It is worth every penny and is able to handle some of the toughest foods to enable you to make your desired recipe.

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Star Chef Deluxe: 5 in 1 Cooker from JML

The amazing Star Chef Deluxe 5-in-1 cooker will allow you to cook an enormous selection of foods in a convenient and healthy way. It will practically make your domestic cooker redundant.

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